BYE HOT FLUSH – Womanly Health Blend


The texture of this tea is exactly as it should be. Certain herbs (Raspberry leaf and Sage leaf) are rubbed during drying which makes them looks clumped. It’s a technique used for the herb leaves that would otherwise crumble. It helps them hold together and is not a concern.

“Love is the secret ingredient”

Ingredients: Sage varieties, lemon balm, nettle, vitex, ashwaganda, clover and peppermint. (Organically grown NZ) APPROX. 15-20 servings in each pack.

Please note: Charity tea is sold by weight not volume.

INSTRUCTIONS: Add 1-2 pinches (in a strainer) to a cup of boiling water and brew for 5 mins, then enjoy.

WARNING: If you are on any medication, pregnant or breastfeeding please consult your doctor before drinking Charity Tea as some herbs may not be suitable.

Refill packs available to pour into your own container. The same amount of tea as our regular containers but packaged in a paper bag.

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