New Baby Gift Pack


This Beautiful NZ newborn or child gift pack contains:

1x 65g Kawakawa- a very gentle and natural healing and soothing balm, use on any skin issues for mother and child. Sore or cracked nipples, nappy rash, eczema, dry skin, barrier cream. Any skin issues that arise. NZ made, homegrown herbs and natural ingredients.

1x 65g Relax – a very mild and gentle relax balm to calm mum and baby, this balm can aid sleep and reduce anxiety, supports a calm relaxed nature. It can also be used on scars to aid healing.

1x All natural handmade Kawakawa soap or plain Olive Oil only for sensitive skin. NO colours or scents just simple natural ingredients. (just let me know if you want a specific soap)

1x NZ native bird puppet. ( you can request the one you want but stock may be limited)

+Includes Delivery

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