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The future of NZ bees is under threat. They are dealing with disease and chemical toxic environments, they are so precious so here at Wild & Free, we love the Bees and really need them. We have decided to add in this great little necklace, a pot of local Honey and a certificate where your child, friend or yourself can purchase a necklace and adopt a bee. Then 50% of the proceeds will go straight to the bees, we will Donate to NZ Bumblee, local beekeepers and we are creating a bee garden/wildflower paddock so they have plenty of food and nectar. Wild & Free is chemical and pesticide-free, creating homes and spaces and bee baths for the bees to thrive.

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1x  Bee necklace

1x Certificate

1x Local pot of 250g honey (This will range from Kanuka, Pohutukawa, Mixed bush honey from the local Hururu farm.)

If you would like a Bee gift box made up please send us a message, we can include a Bee Necklace and Certificate, a Bee hotel, and a little pot of honey, or we can add Beeswax wraps, a lip balm, and a Bee water bath kit,  (rock and a little bowl). You can design your own gift packs.

Note: do not wear in swimming pools and spa pools.

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  1. Verde Barton

    We absolutely love our precious bee necklaces and have received various beautiful comments from others who see them. 🐝 What a wonderful gift to surprise special friends (or even yourself😉). Love how 50% goes back to NZ Bumblee…what an incredible initiative! Pretty, creating awareness and spoiling loved ones!!

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