Man Balm


An all-purpose essential balm for Man. Made with Organic and homegrown ingredients. Comes in our larger 65gm jar and 30gm jar.

All-natural healing and soothing Man balm for any skin or grooming needs: Tattoos, Burns, Beard oil, Cuts, Cracked Hands, Body Hydrator, Eczema, Wrinkles, shaving rash, or just to look manlier and stronger. Anything you can think of really.

  • With Organic Hemp which has a huge amount of benefits including skin health and vitality can help reduce acne and fine lines, it is naturally calming to the skin. It also can condition hair which is why we added beard care to our list of uses.
  • With Organic Cedarwood essential oil – which improves inflammatory skin conditions and has natural antiseptic properties.
  • Kawakawa which is healing and soothing and our most popular balm.

Organic Hemp, Homegrown Kawakawa, Extra Virgin Olive Oil,  homegrown Rosemary, Organic Cedarwood Essential Oil, Beeswax and a splash of  liquid manliness.

Rub a small amount onto the skin,  great on the face as an anti-wrinkle balm, or for a beard- oil rub a small amount into your hands, rub hands together and apply to the beard. Also great for cuts or injury, this balm can be used for anything super versatile!

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4 reviews for Man Balm

  1. Caleb

    Its very nice and it works very well for lots of scenarios

  2. Verity Tarrant

    Finally an all natural beard balm that works! It makes my husbands beard so soft and smooth, and smells fantastic too. Hopefully he hasn’t noticed that I’ve also been stealing it to use as an eye cream. I would definitely recommend this amazing, natural, versatile product.

    • Desiree Lee

      Haaa that’s awesome! Thanks for the wonderful feedback!

  3. Michelle gray

    The man balm is good for lots of things but my husband believes it is good for cuts and abrasion and his man beard..
    Alot of men do not like to use any type of balms but I tell you something my husband loves it.

  4. Paul H

    Love the smell and the ingredients. Leaves skin feeling renewed.

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